Herefordshire Netball

Youth Umpire Award

The Youth Umpire Award aims to promote the development of young netball officials.  It is recommended for ages 13-18, however there is no lower age limit.

The YUA aims to improve understanding of netball and introduce generic umpiring skills which will provide a pathway to the ‘C’ Umpire Award.  It also offers opportunities for Talent Identification in officiating and assists with fulfilling the National Curriculum requirements at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.  It is also very useful in preparing students for GCSE modules in leadership and officiating.

The YUA course is delivered over a minimum of 6 hours by PE teachers who have attended an Orientation Workshop or by accredited external tutors.  Students are required to complete a Workbook with competencies and also do a practical umpire assessment.  On completion they will either pass or be deferred.  Please email for more information