Herefordshire Netball



  1. The league shall be called “The Hereford Netball League”, herein after referred to as HNL.


  1. The objectives of the HNL shall be;


a)     To promote and encourage the game of netball.

b)     To foster and encourage sportsmanship between all clubs.

c)     To raise the standard of play, umpiring and coaching.


  1. A Committee of up to 9 members shall govern the HNL and be referred to as the HNLC

The maximum term in office is 5 years, officers will step down but can be reelected.


The Officers of the HNLC will be:




Scoring Secretary

Umpiring Secretary


Fixtures Secretary

Scorecard Administrator

Onboarding / Membership

Tournament / Socials Secretary 

Presentation evening administrator

Communications Officer


  1. The HNLC may set up sub-committees if so required.


  1. In the event of a casual vacancy the HNLC may appoint another eligible person to act until the next AGM.


  1. HNLC meetings will be held on stated dates agreed at the first Committee meeting in the elected year. The Committee will meet at least 4 times a year.


  1. The quorum shall be 50% of the total Committee. Any member holding more than one position shall be entitled to only one vote.


  1. The HNLC will review annually the HNL subscription fees for entry to the winter and Summer Leagues.


  1. The HNLC shall place teams in divisions appropriate to their standard of play whenever possible.


  1. All fixtures should be drawn up and approved by the HNLC.


  1. League Tournaments may be held throughout the year at the discretion of the HNLC.


  1. The HNLC shall deal with all matters not governed by the Constitution and League Rules.


  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held at the close of each season at which the HNL Committee shall be elected.  


  1. Notification of the AGM to be at least 28 days prior to the meeting.
  2. Amendments to the Constitution and Rules of the League should be sent in writing to the HNL Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM. 


  1. Any proposed nomination for office on the HNLC shall be sent in writing to the Secretary with the names of a proposer and seconder, who shall both be Registered Participants, not later than 14 days before the AGM. Where there are no proposals for an office, nominations may be taken from the floor at the AGM.


  1. All members of the existing HNLC may re-stand for election.


  1. All outgoing officers will remain in office until the election of a new HNL Committee.


  1. The Agenda and any proposals for amendments to the constitution/rules and nominations to office shall be sent out to members no later than 7 days before the AGM.


  1. Each team must be represented at all league meetings. 


  1. Votes on issues at the AGM should be one vote per registered team plus one vote for each Committee member including the Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall have a second casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.


  1. The HNL Constitution and Rules cannot be altered unless approved by an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.


  1. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be considered and called by the HNL Secretary if so warranted by the HNLC or an Affiliated Member.  Each request will be in writing and will state the purpose for which such a meeting is required and shall set out any proposal to be voted on at the meeting. Fourteen days’ notice of the meeting and all proposals shall be given to every team and HNLC member. No business shall be transacted at such a meeting other than that specified in the notice. Voting shall be bound as that for the AGM.


  1. Committee members do not vote at any meetings on issues relating specifically to their team in which they have a pecuniary interest.


  1. Any complaint must be put in writing to the HNL Secretary within 14 days of the incident; this will then be brought to the next HNLC meeting. Complaint procedures can be found on the website.


  1. Code of Conduct – the HNLC expects that all affiliated members and spectators will uphold the objectives, ethos and rules/policies of the HNL at all times.  There shall be a general duty upon all members to be aware of their own conduct and its effect upon others. 


  1. The HNLC shall have power to refuse admittance, suspend, or expel any club, team or individual whose conduct they consider to be detrimental to the objectives of the HNL as stated in No. 2 above.


  1. The committee will retain documentation regarding the league for a maximum of 7 (seven) years.  Previous documentation will be disposed of in line with current legislation.


  1. AGM – Date to be confirmed month of May


  1. Please refer to league rules for any other information.





Between 21 and 22

Auditors will be appointed at the AGM each year and the audited accounts of NHL for the year ended 30th April shall be presented to the Members at the AGM.


Last point


In the event of dissolution any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be dealt with in a manner to be determined by resolution of a General Meeting so as to promote the objectives of HNL or of some organisation with kindred aims or to other purposes approved by the Charity Commissioners. In the event of there being a deficit, the General Meeting shall decide how it shall be met.










































1.         All matches will be played according to the IFNA Netball Rules.

2.         A team [Each team not Club] will be deducted 5 points if the correct league fees determined by the Committee prior to the beginning of the winter season have not been paid by midnight on the night before the first fixture of the winter netball league.          

3.         Matches will consist of 4 quarters of 15 minutes each, with 2 minutes interval after the first and third quarter and 3 minutes interval for half time (unless otherwise stated by the Herefordshire Netball Committee).

4.         All matches will commence on time with central timing being utilised. No injury time will be allowed.  

5.         Matches may only be cancelled by the Herefordshire Netball Committee. (See Appendix 1). 

6.         All players must be affiliated to Your National Governing Body (England Netball) with the Team they are representing prior to playing any matches. Teams are required to produce a (England Netball team) list of all registered players at the beginning of the season and thereafter if any changes are made OR upon request by the Herefordshire Netball Committee.

Teams who are found to have played unaffiliated players will automatically forfeit the game and the points will go to the opposing team, the game will not be re-played. A Committee member should be contacted if anyone has concerns over player affiliations.

7.         No player must play for more than one team at any one time, but a player may transfer once per year to a different team, having first notified the League Secretary( and pay the appropriate fee.).

8.         New teams entering the League must do so through the lowest division. Or one most appropriate to their level of play as decided by the Committee. In the event of uncertainty a playoff will be held between the relevant teams.  

9.         To be eligible to enter the new season of the Hereford Netball League, a team must have an England Netball qualified umpire. 

A completely new team wishing to enter the HNL will be given a 12 month ‘break in’ period before having to have a qualified umpire. This would give the team 12 months for a team member to attend umpiring courses and become a qualified umpire.

10.       Points will be awarded for each match as follows:

                        5 points for a win

                        3 points for a draw

                        2 points for losing but scoring within 5 goals or less of the winning teams score

                        1 point for losing but scoring 50% or more of the winning teams score

11.       Any team arriving late will have one goal per minute awarded against them up to 5 minutes - after this time the game will be awarded to the complete team. Rule 9 will then be applied.

12.       If a game is awarded to a team by default, the scoring procedure will be applied at the end of the season. (See Appendix 2)

13.      Injured players should be treated with care and only moved off the court when considered safe to do so. The game will resume once the player has vacated the court and the match will continue in accordance with central timing. In the event an injured player cannot be moved from the court before the end of the match the following will apply:

- If play ceased within the first or second or third quarter, the match will be rescheduled
- If play ceased within the fourth quarter, the score will stand

14.       Umpiring:-

                        B Award:                      Can umpire all Divisions

                        C Award:                      Can umpire all Divisions

                        Awaiting C Award:       Can umpire Divisions 2 and 3, may umpire Division 1 with prior approval from County Umpiring Secretary/mentor

                        England Beginners Award:         Can umpire Division 3, may umpire Division 2 with prior approval from County Umpiring Secretary/mentor

                        Awaiting Beginners:     May umpire Division 3 with prior approval from County Umpiring Secretary/Mentor.

15.       There should always be two umpires and two scorers per match. Each team must organise an umpire and a scorer for the game either before or after their match. Teams failing to provide an umpire for the required match will be fined £10.00, plus £10.00 to be paid to an umpire if one is available on the night. If no umpire is present, the two teams playing may wish to:-

                        - Agree to 1 umpire

                        - Postpone the match until two qualified umpires are available, in which case the offending team will incur all costs for the re-scheduling of the match, including the £10.00 fine.

16.       The umpires decision is final, umpires will officiate according to IFNA Netball rules.

17.       Teams must not umpire their own games

18.       Captains are to toss a coin for ends before they come on court.

19.       Each team is required to provide its own set of bibs and ball for each league match and all tournaments. A First Aid kit is the team’s own responsibility.

20.       Bibs must be worn by both teams.          

21.       All team members must play in the same coloured kit.

22.       Appropriate training shoes must be worn, no black soled trainers to be worn on indoor courts.

23.       Players must remove all jewellery before the start of a match to avoid injury to you as a player and your opposition.

The only exception is a plain wedding band or a medical alert bracelet which can be worn but must be taped up.

Nails must be cut short.

24.       A fully completed result card, including “opposing player of the match” must be sent by both teams to on line at Any result not received by midnight on the Sunday following the day of the match will result in the offending team not receiving the appropriate points. All score cards must be kept for future reference by the appropriate umpire.

25.       No smoking or alcohol, whatsoever, is permitted on the premises.

26.       The organisers take no responsibility for any injury, damage or theft to persons on their property incurred as a result of taking part in the Hereford Netball League.

27.       Insurance - Public liability insurance will be taken out. Any personal insurance must be the player’s own responsibility.

28.       Team representatives are obliged to attend all meetings or send a Deputy in their place. The first meeting missed will incur a fine of £10.00, plus 5 points deducted from the team’s League points. All fines not paid will be added to next season’s League fees. The next meeting to mean any subsequent meeting in that year (i.e., from AGM to AGM).

29.       The complaints procedure should be used if required (See appendix 3)


Appendix 1

Cancelled Matches

Matches can only be cancelled by the committee.

If weather is inclement or the court unsafe for play, teams will be notified, and the match re-arranged by the Committee.

Teams must play if they have at least 5 players.

Teams are still encouraged to play and use the court even if less than 5 players can attend. This will then be played as a friendly and the opposing team will receive the points (see appendix 2.) The fine will be £30 to cover the umpiring cost.

If the team is unable to make the match the opposing team will receive the points (see appendix 2.) The fine will be £63.00 to cover the umpiring cost and the court costs. The team cancelling will also need to send 2 scorers for the previous / post-game.

Games will not be rescheduled. 

Appendix 2

Scoring Procedure

Defaulted games

This will be applied to the teams at the end of the season.

The team will be awarded the appropriate goals, according to the position in the league, and the offending team will receive 0 goals.

                        League Position                      Goals Awarded

                                    1                                  75

                                    2                                  65

                                    3                                  55

                                    4                                  45

                                    5                                  35

                                    6                                  25

                                    7                                  15

                                    8                                  5                  

Played matches

All Herefordshire Netball matches played will follow the procedure below:

5 points for a win, 3 points for a draw, 2 points for within 5 goals for the winning teams score and 1 point will be awarded to the losing side should they score half or more than the winning team’s score.


Appendix 3


Umpires have full control of the game and the AENA netball rules apply.

Any misconduct by a player during a match, may be regulated by the umpires officiating, according to the AENA rules.

If a player has a complaint against another player this must be brought to the attention of the umpires during the game, if it can’t be resolved within the game then a formal complaint must be made in writing to the committee within two weeks. The team bringing the formal complaint must inform the officiating umpires.

Once a formal complaint has been received by the committee about a player/team, the umpires officiating will be asked for their opinions, the committee will discuss and take the following action:-

a)              Take no further action, all complaints will be kept on file and the committees decision is final.

b)              The team/player in question will be requested to submit a report regarding the incident in question. The committee will then review the complaint with no bias.

c)              If required a written warning will be sent to the team captain – a player/team can have no more than two written warnings after that the team/player may be suspended or expelled from the league. The affected player/team will have the right of appeal to the committee, whose decision shall be binding.  Fees are non refundable.  They will be allowed to enter for the next season.

If a complaint is against an officiating umpire, then a letter of complaint must be made in writing to the committee with two weeks.  Both officiating umpires will be asked their opinions, the committee will discuss and take the following action:-

a)     Take no further action, all complaints will be kept on file and the committees decision is final.

b)   If more than two written complaints have been received the umpiring secretary will organise for mentoring to take place if this is agreed by the umpire in question, if the umpire disagrees then that umpire will no-longer be allowed to officiate in the league.